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Midday Munches

Coming up with ideas for different lunches is a tough challenge for most parents, especially when the kids have been out of school for the last few months and are ‘bored’ of every suggestion!

Getting them to enjoy a balanced mix of protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats and of course the magic ‘5 a day’ can be tricky, especially on a budget, so we have put together some suggestions that will hopefully help over the school holidays (and beyond).

Meal planning is a really helpful tool to take out the daily stress of thinking of ideas too. Why not jot down some ideas before you do the weekly shop so that you can buy everything you need and aren’t missing that key ingredient?

Could you use leftovers from last night’s dinner to create an easy lunch? By making a slightly larger portion this is a great quick fix!

  • Have you tried our Creamy Chicken Pesto Pasta or our Tuna Pasta Bake? These can both be reheated the following day as a great lunch option with little fuss.

  • Lamb Lollipops for tea but then reheated the following day, added to a pitta with some of our Greek Yogurt & Cucumber Dip? How Mediterranean! Lunches don’t come much better than that!

  • Or our Roast Chicken that can be turned into a delicious wrap or salad?

  • If you’re preparing roasted vegetables with your dinner, prepare more than you need and add them to some cous cous, rice or salad leaves for a tasty lunch!

Our store cupboard staples….tinned tuna and sweetcorn are a pairing made in heaven. They can simply be mixed with mayonnaise and added to a jacket potato? Or a wholemeal wrap with some salad?

Also remember to take a look at our Tuna & Egg salad video. Would the kids try it if it looks more fun? It definitely needs grated carrot adding for the hair though… We also like our Tuna & Lettuce Boats made with the same tuna, sweetcorn & mayo mix that is in the salad!

Eggs are a ‘protein bomb’ which means they are super filling and wonderfully nutritious. Why not get the kids involved in making some Mini Omelettes? They are great for taking on a picnic or popping into a lunch box too! Why not watch Louisa whip these up on our YouTube Channel?

Our Veggie Frittata is great for popping in the centre of a table and letting everyone share. Mine is a big slice please! A simple green salad alongside makes a great accompaniment.

Involving the kids in the food prep can also be really beneficial. Not only will it fill some time but it will teach them about food. Making fun shapes can help to engage them – why not try our ‘Bagel Snake’? Each section can have a different topping so you can make it as long and as wiggly as you like! How about egg & cress, ham & cheese, tuna & sweetcorn??? The list is endless…

For at home or in a packed lunch, what can be easier than a wrap? Get the kids to add the filling! If it looks as pretty as a rainbow wrap they will really look forward to chomping it! Fill a wholemeal wrap with a rainbow of veggies such as grated carrot, lettuce leaves, sliced tomato, cucumber and diced peppers. You can add some ham, cheese or boiled egg or even some leftover chicken to give it a protein boost.

If the rain clouds have arrived (great British summer!) why not do a Warm Ham & Cheese Wrap? Served with some salad it’s a great lunch. Jo makes these for her hungry tribe on our YouTube Channel!

Have you got some of our tasty CG Chicken Goujons in the freezer? For a quick fix reheat & serve in a wrap with some salad leaves & mayo? Or even better, with our delicious home-made Coleslaw?

Is everyone home for lunch? A Sharing Sub is a wonderful solution to fill everyone up! Sitting down to eat together as a family is really important and this is a great excuse to do just that!

A tray of Stuffed Peppers make a colourful addition to any table. Will they argue over who gets the red one?

And if the kids want a lie-in at the weekend, why not have a family brunch (late BReakfast / early lUNCH) when they finally surface? Pancakes are perfect for this – how about our Hulk Pancakes for some hidden goodness and extra GRRRRRR!!

Some grilled bacon with scrambled eggs and mushrooms is a great British favourite. Why not add some hash browns as a real treat!

Cheese on toast is another firm favourite but why not jazz it up with some of our Nut-Free Basil Pesto and some cherry tomatoes? Our nut-free pesto can also be a great addition to any sandwich, wrap or burger. Yum!

No sooner have the little cherubs had breakfast and they’ll be shouting ‘I’m hungry!’ again so why not prepare a ‘snack box’ so there are healthy treats at the ready….

Or why not help them to make a veg train for snack time? Glue the carrot wheels to the train with some soft cheese – added protein to make it more filling!

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