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Roast vegetable sharer sub

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

This makes a fabulous lunch for the whole family to sit down and share. Looks spectacular too!

Makes approximately 4 servings

Preparation time is approximately up to 1hr

Cooking time is approximately 25 minutes


1 wholemeal / seeded French loaf

Half a courgette

1 red onion

2 large tomatoes / 8 mini tomatoes

1 pepper (any colour)

1 garlic clove

1tsp olive / vegetable oil

½ teaspoon of paprika

1 ½ teaspoons of dried basil

¼ tsp crushed chilli flakes (optional)

Salt & pepper

½ pot hummus (optional)

Fresh basil

Balsamic glaze (optional)

How to make Roast vegetable sharer sub

  1. Peel onion & chop in to 8 sections

  2. Chop pepper, courgettes & tomatoes

  3. Put all vegetables in a bowl & toss in oil – stir in dried basil, spices & salt & pepper

  4. Pop bowl in fridge for ½ hr – hour

  5. Preheat oven to 200C

  6. Tip vegetables on to baking tray & roast for up to 25 mins (stir half way through)

  7. Take veg out once browning and set aside to cool for 10 mins

  8. Cut top layer off whole loaf

  9. Spread hummus over base of loaf

  10. Pile roasted veg on to the hummus covered loaf

  11. Shred some fresh basil leaves and sprinkle over the top

  12. Can drizzle some balsamic glaze and/or oil over the top if desired



Roasted vegetables can be cooked in advance and kept in fridge until needed

Other vegetable can be used as well such as sweet potatoes

Leftovers keep well in an airtight container and can be mixed with salad or couscous for another delicious lunch!

Please click HERE to see Cooking Good’s statement on allergens and substitutions within recipes.

Don’t forget to look at our useful articles on a variety of family topics including batch cooking, leftovers, hydration, fussy eaters and more! Here is the LINK.

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