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Healthy Breakfasts

An alternative to sugary cereals

Ever wondered why breakfast cereals dominate an entire aisle of the supermarket? They provide a quick, attractive and easy breakfast solution for hungry kids and busy parents. They are sold as a healthy option and the colourful boxes highlight the goodness of essential fibre, whole grains and vitamins. What cereal company's often keep quiet about however, is how laden the cereals are with sugar and as a result how hungry children can be soon after eating them!

To help you with cereal aisle confusion Cooking Good aim to encourage children and parents to try out some other breakfast options found in our recipe section. Try making your own granola for example where you know exactly what is inside, or prepare our mini frittatas the night before so you have a filling and nutritious breakfast waiting for you. 

Other non-cereal breakfast ideas include the following which we hope you will try a few times a week to break the sugary cereal habit and try out healthy and fun alternatives.

  1. Soft boiled eggs and wholemeal marmite soldiers

  2. Mini frittatas - see our recipe

  3. Porridge - see the Cooking Good recipe with plenty of healthy topping suggestions

  4. Mushroom and cheese omelette

  5. Greek yogurt with mixed berried and seeds

  6. Peanut butter on wholemeal toast and fresh raspberries

  7. Scrambled eggs with avocado on wholemeal toast

  8. Breakfast smoothies with frozen fruits and oats to keep you fuller for longer

  9. Easy banana pancakes - see Cooking Good recipe

  10. Banana and blueberry muffins - see Cooking Good recipe.

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