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Snack Attack

Healthy snack ideas

Ever noticed how some days your little one's demands for snacks are never ending!! Here at Cooking Good we want to encourage children's participation in meal prepping and the enjoyment of new recipes so hopefully snacking will be reduced. When school holidays come around however, the need to have some healthy snack ideas up your sleeve really will be useful!

Try some of the following ideas to keep on track with health eating and introduce your kids to new tastes and textures:

  1. Apple slices with nut butter dip

  2. Celery and cream cheese.

  3. Hummus and cucumber sticks.

  4. Hard boiled eggs.

  5. Apple slices with cheddar cheese.

  6. Home made popcorn with a light sprinkling of icing sugar or cinnamon

  7. Sliced pears with cream cheese

  8. Banana and Blueberry muffin - see Cooking Good recipe

  9. Plain yogurt with honey

  10. Veggie pitta pocket - mini wholemeal pitta stuffed with grated carrot, lettuce & cucumber

  11. Fruit smoothie made with frozen fruit and milk

  12. Turkey and cream cheese roll up

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