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Can be made with left over cabbage great comfort food!

Makes approximately 4 servings

Preparation time is approximately 5- 10 minutes

Cooking time is approximately 30-40 minutes


I head of cabbage

Butter or oil for frying

1kg potato, well-scrubbed

Mustard (optional)

How to make Colcannon

1.Peel and cube up potatoes in boiling salted water until

2.Boil in water until soft

3. whilst potatoes are boiling soften onion and cabbage in butter or oil until tender.

4. Mash the cooked potatoes with butter

5. Mix all together, add mustard and season then shape into a burger

6. Fry in a little oil or butter


You can add extra veg into the mix for example frozen peas and sweetcorn

Replace the onion with leeks

You can add chopped up bits of bacon or sausage (cooked first)

Serve with a fried egg or anything you like!

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