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Why Exercise is So Important

According to the NHS children up to the age of 18yrs need a minimum of 60mins physical activity each day.

This can range from moderate activity such as playing on a playground or cycling, to more active exercise such as running. Children and young people should also try to reduce the amount of time sat watching TV, playing computer games or time spent in the car.

Being active for at least 60mins per day is linked with better general health, stronger bones & muscles, and better self-esteem and mental well-being.

Fun exercise ideas to try at home include:

  • Kitchen disco - put your favourite music on and dance around kitchen whilst preparing your favourite Cooking Good recipes!

  • Walking - ditch the car or park a bit further from school and walk - nothing beats fresh air to make you feel good.

  • Yoga - try some free family yoga websites such as and have fun as you move and stretch.

  • Hula Hooping

  • Skipping

  • Ball games

  • Create obstacle courses at your local park with boxes and ropes and set the timer

  • Follow the leader - add to the movement with energetic movement such as squatting, lunging and jumping.

  • Clean up race - who can tidy rooms the fastest!

  • Hop scotch - use chalk or tape outside

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