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March 2020


Cooking Good is adding new information to this website to reflect the challenges many of us are facing in the current outbreak. We are all having to think and source food differently and some people are self-isolating, which can make shopping difficult.

General Information 

For those self-isolating in Northamptonshire you can go to this page and call the support number noted there. 

Essential information about Coronavirus (COVID 19) 

When we are in the kitchen, we are coming into contact with food and getting our hands messy, so here is some general NHS advice about how to stop infection spreading

Need food? 

A food larder with free fresh food donated by supermarkets has been set up across South Northants. This will be distributed via local hubs in towns and villages across the County. If your area is signed up to this, you will hear about it via this local response. 

The usual food banks are currently open in Towcester and Brackley and now other mini village food banks are being set up. Supermarket deliveries can be difficult to book right now. Here is a list of alternative suppliers, Some will deliver to various postcodes, others need you to collect your order. Those pupils eligible for Free School Meals should be getting some support with food from their local school. Contact your school for further information. 

Need help with cooking? 

See the recipes and advice on cooking from scratch on this website. For families, whether it is making healthy snacks with children, involving children in the kitchen or dealing with fussy eaters, we’ve got you. More up to date information on shopping tips, batch cooking, storage of food and cooking with children are being added to this website soon. In the meantime, see some of the existing advice. 

Other information 

Staying active whilst indoors. 

Taking care of your mental wellbeing: 



You may find yourself needing to explain the outbreak to your children. Here is some guidance.

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