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Stress Busting Tips for Christmas

December 2020

Stress Busting Tips for Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time for making some traditional tasty food. Here are a few hints and tips to take the stress out of the season!

  • To save money, shop when there are offers on – buy foil and more expensive bits when you see them on offer.

  • The freezer is your best friend, buying sausages and other items when they are on offer helps to spread the cost of Christmas.

  • Plan ahead: Write a list of meals you will be having over the festive season and shop accordingly.

  • Organise your fridge: Before you head to the shops with your Christmas grocery list, make sure there’s room in your fridge for the food.

  • Make a to-do list and tick things off as you complete them.

  • Ask your family what they would like to eat on Christmas’s your family tradition (it doesn’t have to be turkey!)

  • Enlist some festive helpers! Get the children and other family members involved with the peeling and chopping: if they help you prepare, they are more likely to want to eat the veggies!

  • Vegetables can be peeled and chopped well in advance and frozen in freezer bags, perfect for saving stress on the big day.

  • Get your festive helpers to lay the table.

  • Keep on top of the washing up! Perfect chance for the children to earn some extra pennies?

  • Most importantly, remember that the true meaning of Christmas is to enjoy spending time with loved ones! Keep your plans simple and don’t let the cooking stress you – it’s just another dinner.

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