The Top 5 Brands for Ovens

An oven is a kitchen appliance that is used in the restaurant industry for heating and baking. Every successful restaurant has at least one oven in the kitchen mainly because it can be used for a multitude of dishes from western cuisine to eastern cuisine. Previously, ovens were used as boiling pits for the purpose of softening food. Today, they are used mainly for baking food specifically those which makes use of flour as an ingredient. Examples include pastry, pizza, and lasagna.

As with anything else in the world, there are companies that are considered as the best when it comes to outdoor catering. These companies have made a name for themselves by manufacturing high quality products which are sought after by the top restaurants around the world. In this article, the top 5 brands for commercial ovens will be listed. A small bit of information for each brand will also be given.

On the top of the list is the Vulcan brand. Vulcan is considered as one of the best kitchen equipment manufacturers by many restaurateurs. Their products are all high-end and expensive but are very reliable, durable, and efficient in performing their intended tasks. Next in line is the Hobart line of kitchen equipment. Hobart prides itself in the manufacturing of combination ovens and convection ovens resulting to a name that is recognized by many chefs.

Third in this list is the Viking brand. The Viking brand is increasingly found in homes nowadays but is still a good choice for restaurant kitchen equipment because of their affordability and long life span. The fourth and fifth brands on this list are Doyon and Garland respectively. Both of these companies specialize in the manufacture of baking equipment. Although their products are excellent and boast the latest in technology, their very high prices deter many entrepreneurs from purchasing them. Still, their products are found in some of the best restaurants in the world. This adds to their credentials and is a testament of the quality of their products.

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